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Give your business the power of Microsoft Azure public cloud. Build, deploy and run apps quickly with direct access to your Azure environment for improved flexibility, with automated pay per usage cloud billing.

The power of best computing resources to build and deploy apps

Get a plan which meets your exact business requirement, amongst the various Azure public cloud hosting plans available with us.
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Redefine computing with the powerful Azure cloud technology

Learn how you get the perfect platform to build your cloud environment with the help of Azure cloud and our hosting expertise.
Faster App Development – with global availability
With Azure, you get to develop apps faster. Time-tested and integrated solutions of Windows Azure give you this capability. It supports the widest range of frameworks, operating systems, devices and languages. And, with a global presence of Datacenters, Azure makes sure that your apps are also available globally.
Microsoft’s Assurance towards a risk-free cloud
Microsoft is known for its commitment towards bringing out customer-centric solutions in the realm of IT. They understand their accountability towards a customer expectations and their privacy of their data and apps. So, along with Microsoft’s assurance and our expertise be sure of a wonderful hosting experience.
Get Data Security Assurance
Microsoft is the leading name of the industry, and by offering its public cloud platform, we take the name and responsibility forward. We assure complete security of data on cloud. It is compatible with all data and apps, from SQL server, Exchange, SharePoint server to many more.
Trusted applications bring productivity
From JavaScript, Node.js, Java, to .NET, PHP and python apps, get everything running on your system with the help of Azure’s capability to absorb wide range of programming languages, operating systems, databases, frameworks, devices and tools. Docker integration allows you to run Linux containers.
Analytical tools for smarter decision making
The predictive analytical tools like Cortana, Stream and Machine learning helps you to get deeper data insights. This is turn, will improve your decision making process completely.
Freedom to choose your own IT
Azure gives you the choice to leverage your existing IT systems with the Azure framework. This means you really don’t have to make a choice between your existing IT and Azure cloud ecosystem.

Be sure to get maximum out of your Azure Cloud

Microsoft’s public cloud is redefining the possibilities with its flexibility, power and scalability. You too can get the most for your business with it.
Get your apps created, scaled and installed quickly
In- built load balancing and auto-scaling. Wide range support from Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP & Python; Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco to WordPress.
Create Robust Apps and Websites
With quick create and install, manage large web apps and websites. Meet demands across geo locations by delivering apps through a single backend with APIs support.
Simplify codes
With pre-built API gallery, connect, code in IDE and other languages for building apps and APIs swiftly. Development automation via templates boosts your developer productivity; integrate with Visual Studio Online, Github, and live-site debugging.
Safe hosting
Azure Active directory allows to build business apps with resources on premise. Experience safe and reliable cloud hosting platform to create and host critical applications. Get enterprise level SLAs; automatic backup and restore.
Expand worldwide
Scalability across worldwide datacenters smoothens the replication of data and cloud hosting at various locations across the globe, that too with a simple mouse click.
Stay awake with inbuilt app updates
With in-built staging, roll-back and in-production testing support, install app updates without worrying for infrastructure with geographically dispersed installations. Track apps with complete operational records.
Get your Linux VMs ready in minutes
Scale from 1 to 1000s of VM instances, utilizing hybrid model with on premise; Experience in-built load balancing and virtual networking.
Instant availability of SQL server
Get SQL server provisioned swiftly through SQL server team built image. Work out new VMs as you get free MSDN licenses for stead fasting development and testing process.
Manage apps with ARM
Get ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates which allow one-click installation of apps within a resource group. Include storage and VMs easily. With ARM, get ability to weigh apps across one unit via per-resource tagging and advanced role based authentication and control (RBAC)
Easy administration
Managing your VMs becomes easy – define subnet and DNS IP addresses by using virtual network. Configure load balancing across VMs using user friendly Azure portal. Make direct connection without net by utilizing ExpressRoute.
Improve I/O efficiency
With 64 TB storage/ VM achieve 80,000 I/O operations/ second. VMs of GS-series combine Azure Premium Storage’s disk performance with G-series VMs power.
Protect you VMs with backup support
With Windows and Linux Azure backup, protect your VMs. With PowerShell, backup and restore VMs, send task failure alerts, monitor and generate reports. Retain apps and data for regulatory requirements.
Relational database management as-a-service
Get access to DBs swiftly by dialing up or down. Get data security through regular audits, restoration and geo-applications.
Get SaaS application ready with huge scaling support
Developers can utilize Azure’s SQL database to create SaaS apps with flexibility of supporting both- beneficial business models and high growth. With elastic database model, get opportunity to pool resources that can be useful for those workloads which have non-defined DB resource consumption.
Easier database management
With thousands of DB, management becomes difficult. But flexibility of DB makes work easier. Simplify creation of apps and make them as simple as ADO.NET and T-SQL programming models.
Ensure business continuity
Azure allows you to make over 4 readable command failover and secondaries. Rest assured at time of disasters with in-built continuity options traversing service tiers. Get better control and get your data secured from sudden disasters.
Get wide range support for tools
Increase your IT productivity by migrating your SQL server applications on premise to Azure. SQL provides variation of management from— PowerShell, REST APIs. The Azure portal with SQL server management provides multiple technologies like Ruby on Rails, .NET, Node.js, PHP and Java. With Visual Studio integration, develop offline, online, on cloud designed apps and on-premises.
Make sharing easy
With Azure’s machine learning creating predictive analytics models and sharing has become easy and flexible giving innovative approach to your business.
In-built packages to choose from
Azure’s machine learning gives you wide range of in-built packages and customized code support.
Reducing gaps between ideating and installing apps
With Azure’s machine learning, developers can easily create apps, by using a simple drag-and-drop interface and algorithms to fasten the entire process. Look for built in data science in Azure marketplace and API platforms.
Get faster deployment
With Azure, installing your model in production as a web service becomes easier. It is accessible from anywhere and on any device.
Share and get returns
Share your model publicly on Azure marketplace or in the gallery and get monetary benefits.
Get going with your cross platform Windows, Android and iOS apps
Get mobile apps backed with auto scaling feature with the ability to sync and work offline. Enable sign-on via Active Directory
Create and run mobile apps faster
With Azure, get mobile apps that help in creating cross platform apps for Windows, Android or MAC and even iOS; perform functions like verifying user, sending push notifications or adding custom backend logic in Node.js or C#, by either deploying apps on premise or in the cloud.
Get corporate sign-on
You can sign-on using corporate identity. Get Active directory to cross check identification of users. Connect to on premise resources safely like SharePoint, SAP, SQL Server and Oracle; operate cross-platform frameworks, with PhoneGap and Xamarin inclusive.
Give life to apps with offline data sync
With offline accessibility, use apps even during network issues. Responsiveness of apps can be improved by caching data locally.
Let your apps connect with on-premise data
Azure allows you to create and deploy apps by consuming data from within the data center. VPN and hybrid connection gives safe access to the data within your data center from anywhere across the world.
Stretch according to the needs
With in-built auto scaling feature for apps, match the needs of your enterprise. You can scale up and down and pay as per your usage. With Microsoft’s global reach, connect to your users anywhere on the globe.
Making delivery of apps from Cloud hassle free and prompt
With Microsoft’s remote desktop, get apps from cloud accessible through all devices from Windows to Mac.
Get cost-effective apps
Stop spending much on your business needs on on-premises costs. Experience cloud’s agility which delivers apps to you without much cost involvement. With Pay-as-per-use, be cost predictive.
Manage infrastructure
Get your infra scaled based on needs. Forget upgrading server on-premise. Manage and control completely through Azure portal.
Get app delivered without change
No need to re-write apps, with Azure RemoteApp easily get your app delivered to you from cloud. As simple as it sounds.
Get data centralized and secure your information
Azure’s fault tolerant features secure and save data from sudden data loss or disasters. With in-built data updation, the process gets fastened and makes it suitable for leading organizations and finance companies.
Anywhere access
With Windows server in Azure cloud, boost your employee productivity. They are easier to update and scale. Employees can deploy Remote Desktop clients on the devices of their choice and get working.


The Windows Azure SaaS Platform is supported by a growing network of Microsoft-managed cloud datacenters, available in 141 countries. Azure gives you worldwide scale, with a focus on high availability, high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness and providing a trustworthy and best cloud hosting and online experience.